30 May 2024

rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months ” Within the next 15 months, the Tata group’s airline, Air India, will take delivery of 30 aeroplanes leased from Boeing and Airbus. According to the Economic Times, the jets will grow the airline’s fleet by over 25 percent.


Introduction of rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

The leased aircraft will be deployed on international short, medium, and long-haul flights. It is a critical component of the airline’s aim to capture a 30% share of both domestic and foreign markets. Here we will talk about: rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

Air India announced on Monday that it will gradually introduce 30 new aircraft, including 5 wide-body Aircraft planes, beginning in November this year, as the Tatas-owned airline seeks to expand its domestic and international services.rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months.

Over the next 15 months, the airline has secured leases and letters of intent for 5 wide-body Boeing jets and 25 Airbus narrow-body planes.


These new jets, which will go into service sometime in late 2022, will more than double the airline’s fleet size.” “These new planes represent the first significant fleet expansion since AirIndia’s acquisition by the Tata Group earlier this year, excluding the 10 hard-grounded narrow-body and 6 wide-body aeroplanes that have been reinstated to service in recent months,” it stated in a release.

Between December 2022 and March 2023, the B777-200LRs will be added to the fleet. They will be used on routes connecting Indian cities to the United States.

Domestic market share of rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months:

 The Tata group is now aiming for a 30% market share in domestic aviation through its three subsidiaries, Air India, Vistara, and Air Asia India. Leaving aside all of the Tata assets’ airlines and brands, what I see coming from an airborne standpoint is a need for a full service.and low-cost proposition.rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

Wilson said in October 2022 to Forbes India. So, under the Air India the company, our ambition is to build a world-class complete flyer and a world-class low-cost carrier, and to operate them synergistically.

“In the domestic market, Air India’s couple-pronged strategy of maintaining both a comprehensive carrier and a low-cost airline guarantees that it can operate the product most conducive to a specific

“In the domestic market, Air India’s two-pronged strategy of maintaining an all-encompassing carrier and a low-cost airline ensures that it can operate the product best suited to a specific city.”

The airline intends to expand its fleet size in the following years rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months:

Air India’s CEO claims that the company’s fleet will increase in the next five years.rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

Over the following 15 months, the airline will get 5 wide-body Boeing jets and 25 narrow-body Airbus planes.

Air India currently has 113 aircraft in its fleet.

Tata group currently owns four airlines in India with 100 percent stake in Air India:rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

In total, the Tata group controls four airlines in India, including Air India, AirAsia India, and Air India Express, as well as a 51 percent share in Vistara. The domestic aviation sector in India is currently dominated by low-cost carriers, which control up to 80% of the market.rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

The entire fleet size of the Tata group is 219 aircraft, including 113 aircraft operated by Air India, 28 aircraft operated by AirAsia India, 54 aircraft operated by Vistara, and 24 jets operated by Air India Express.

Wilson told Forbes India, “We’ve been clear about it being a five-year programme.” “The first twelve months are all about confronting the accumulation of problems and issues that used to hold the airline back, and to do so on a war footing.”

The Tata Group intends to integrate Air India with Vistara:rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

The Tata company intends to combine Vistara and Air India to form one of the world’s leading airlines in the world’s fastest developing economy. With a fleet of 218 aircraft serving 38 worldwide routes and 52 domestic destinations, the combined airline will be India’s largest international operator and the country’s second largest domestic carrier.rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

The transaction is expected to close in March 2024, subject to approval from regulators. It will also result in the consolidation of Tata’s low-cost airlines, Air India Share and AirAsia India, within the expanded Air India company.

With an aeroplane fleet of 218 wide-body aircraft covering 38 foreign destinations and 52 local airports, the amalgamated Air India aims to be India’s premier domestic and international carrier.

Its headquarters will be at Mumbai’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, and it will fly from five worldwide hubs: Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Air India is thrilled to be resuming its global fleet expansion: rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

 After an extended stretch of stagnation, Air India feels pleased to resume increasing its fleet and global impact. These new planes, along with previously retired aircraft, address theimmediate demand for more capacity and connectivity, and represent a significant step forward,” said Air India CEO and director of operations Campbell Wilson.


The airline now has 70 narrow-body aircraft in its fleet. 54 of them are currently in operation, with the remaining 16 returning to service gradually by early 2023.

Air India has 43 wide-body aircraft, 33 of which are operating.

The Tata group comprises the following companies: rajkotupdates.news:the-tata-group-owned-airline-will-induct-30-aircraft-in-the-next-15-months

The Tata group, founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata, is a worldwide corporation headquartered in India that comprises 30 firms spanning ten verticals The organisation operates in more than 120 nations across six continents with the goal of improving the overall standard of life of those we serve around the world through long-term stakeholder value. creation based on Management with Trust.



The Tata family is the main investment organisation and promoter of Tata companies. Sixty-six percent of Tata Sons’ equity share capital is held through trusts with charitable objectives that support healthcare, schooling, job chances, and art and culture.

Tata firms’ combined revenue in 2020-21 was $103 billion INR 7.7 trillion These businesses employ almost 800,000 people in total.

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